Del's Philosophy

My goal is to make furniture and furnishings that match your lifestyle and home.

This includes type of wood, style of piece, moldings and stain or color. When appropriate, I love using strong figured woods or bright colors.

My expertise is matching pieces to you. I can make pieces from your drawings, photos or concepts. I do most of my own designs, although occasionally I will work with designers or architects. I usually work from a simple sketch, but occasionally will make full drawings if needed.

Initially, many of my clients haven’t decided on exactly what they want, other that the basic function of the piece. Usually, I will go to the client’s home and try to evaluate their preferences. Often clients use something they have seen in a magazine or book as a starting point for design.

My expertise is in making furniture that looks like it belongs uniquely in your home.

All of my work is new construction. For antique repairs, I recommend

Furniture & Furnishings That Match Your Lifestyle​

Concept to Delivery
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