Category: Artwork

Niki de St. Phalle

ABOUT THE PROJECT For seven years I had the incredible opportunity to build, first furniture and then artwork for the late French artist, Niki de

Viking Ship Hammock Stand

PROJECT DETAILS A client wanted me to design a hammock stand for his living room and asked me to come up with some unique ideas.

New York City Park Bench

PROJECT DETAILS This piece evolved out of some stair rails that I been working on. New York, both old and new is represented and surrounds

San Gigimano

  PROJECT DETAILS This art chair is from the Italian hill town of San Gimigano, which is famous for its surviving towers, and church, all

Balboa Park Bench

PROJECT DETAILS I thought that Balboa Park would be a great theme for a “Park Bench”.  The arched bridge and sidewalk promenades are perfect for

Coffee Table with Cave Paintings

PROJECT DETAILS This inlaid top was inspired from the many cave paintings that I have visited in Baja California. The woods were selected to simulate

The Original Southwest Chair

PROJECT DETAILS Many times while traveling with the cowboys of Baja California, I would see them playing around with skulls and putting them in humorous

Whitehall 17ft. Sailboat

PROJECT DETAILS This was a beautiful lined Whitehall pulling boat, that I modified with a keel and sailing rig. On flat water this boat really

Mural of Cave Painting

PROJECT DETAILS This interpretive wood application piece is taken from a cave in Baja California “Cueva Pintada” which literally means “painted cave. Note the female

Brigantine Ship Model

PROJECT DETAILS Before I decided to do full size woodworking, I built many models. This one is of a brigantine and uses what is called